Author: Jack Sanderson

How to Fix the Python Error: list indices must be integers or slices, not tuple

Python’s popularity can be attributed to a number of different factors. But one of its biggest selling points are the data types. Python provides users with a nearly unprecedented ability to create, manipulate, and store data. There are a lot of systems out there that provide as much flexibility and power. But not many combine […]

How to Fix the Python Error: TypeError: can only concatenate str (not “int”) to str

One of the best things about Python is the sheer power and freedom offered by its type system. The language gives programmers far more freedom to easily manipulate variables than they would in, for example, C++. But at the same time variables are controlled enough to avoid some of the pitfalls of languages like Javascript. […]

How to Fix the Python Error: conda command not found

When people talk about Python’s benefits the discussions typically center around the language’s syntax and overall design. And to be sure, those points are a large part of why Python’s such a beloved programming language. But the tools used with the language are also part of its success. And package managers like Pip and Conda […]

Is Python Case Sensitive When Dealing With Identifiers?

Python is an easy-to-use, relatively platform-agnostic, programming language. You can typically write code without needing to worry about the intricacies of variables or micromanaging memory. Likewise, you can usually rest assured that your code will run equally well on Windows, OSX, and Linux. But those benefits also raise an important question. Two of those three […]

How to Prepend To List in Python

Lists highlight some of Python’s greatest strengths. Lists are similar to the arrays found in other languages but more flexible and open to manipulation. Python even has built-in list method options, such as append, which make operations that would be troublesome in an array as simple as passing a variable. However, while list has an […]

Doing Python Right: Avoid Inconsistent Use of Tabs and Spaces in Indentation

Part of Python’s appeal comes from the fact that it’s so human-readable. Languages like assembly, and even C, will often require a lot of thought to properly conceptualize. But Python’s computer code is much closer to actual human language than most other comparable programming languages. Part of this is due to the language’s syntax and […]

How To Fix the Python Error – Indentationerror: Expected an Indented Block

Python’s indentation style is arguably its most universally recognized trait. Other languages tend to use curly braces or similar notation to denote a code block. But Python enforces a strict coding style that actually uses whitespace as part of its program logic. But when things go wrong with that process, you’ll see an indentaton error […]

How To Fix the Python Error: Indentationerror: Expected an Indented Block After Function Definition

Experienced programmers are often shocked by the clarity of Python code when they see it for the first time. Most programs written in Python adhere to solid style guidelines and are generally extremely easy to read. And this is in large part due to the fact that Python’s interpreter uses indentation as programming logic. But […]

How To Fix the Python Error: Indentationerror: Unexpected Indent

Indention is one of Python’s greatest strengths. It’s why Python code is usually so clean in comparison to what’s found in other programming languages. But at the same time, indention errors can be extremely perplexing for people who aren’t used to Python’s unique take on that concept. But if you’ve found yourself with an ” […]

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